Planting Your Tree or Pine

Mulch Is More Than Decorative

Mulch retains moisture, retards weeds, provides nutrients, controls erosion and insulates the soil protecting plants from extreme temperature variations.


Proper watering of newly planted trees is absolutely essential for maximum growth, root development, and overall health. The primary considerations are frequency of watering and volume per application. Frequency can be simple by following a weekly routine about 15 min twice a week. 

The most common method of watering trees is the trusty, open-ended garden hose. Everybody has one and it gets the job done. 

How much water does a new tree need?

This is a good question that is asked frequently. Truth is, there are a lot of right answers because "how much" can depend on "how often". Most experts agree that new tree watering should occur 4 to 5 times per month, simulating frequent, natural rainfall. Five gallons of water will saturate about five cubic foot of the average soil type, which is about the size of the tree well of most newly planted trees. Five gallons once per week is adequate, but 10 will not hurt if water conservation is not a factor.   

How often should I water a new tree?

Unless adequate rainfall occurs, new trees should be watered from early Spring until the leaves drop off in the Fall. During normal dry times, once a week is adequate. If the afternoon temperatures are extreme, try twice a week. Be careful not to overwater, tree roots need some breathing time. Using the right tools, tree watering can be an easy, enjoyable chore. 

Will my sprinkler system take care of my trees?

Sprinkler systems are for watering your grass. No deep watering occurs. In most cases, relying on your sprinkler system will result in inadequate surface watering. Refer to "What is the benefit of deep root watering?"

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